Brighten Up Your Pikeville or Raleigh, NC Home With Bold New Colors

Brighten Up Your Pikeville or Raleigh, NC Home With Bold New Colors

A Smooth Home Improvement adds fresh coats of paint indoors and out

Do you want to add vivid, subtle or eclectic colors to your building? Whether you own a home or a commercial facility, you can work with A Smooth Home Improvement. We provide interior and exterior painting services on residential and commercial properties. Call 910-934-0107 now to ask for a free estimate on our high-quality painting services.

3 mistakes to avoid when you choose paint

When you work with us, you can rest assured that we'll use excellent paint, equipment and techniques for great results. Want to maximize your results even more? You can do so by avoiding several common paint choice mistakes, such as:

  1. Forgetting to sample colors. Sample colors to make sure you know how they will look outside or inside your building.
  2. Ignoring your neighborhood's colors when painting an exterior. Consider how your building will look in its surroundings when you pick colors.
  3. Choosing colors that are hard to maintain. Reflective white walls can make small rooms shine, for example, but they're hard to keep clean.

You can also choose stunning paint colors by asking a painter for advice. Consult one of our painters now for helpful recommendations.